GM Granite sink model Colorato

GM Granite sink model Riva
Elegant clean lines for a luxurious ambiance, and geometric shape for stunning effect.
GM Granite sink model Bianco
Mysterious elegance of this metallic black sink embraces simplistic look blending for a subtle approach
GM Granite sink model Piccolo
Ideal for a home bar or in a studio as a neat addition to your kitchen.
GM Granite sink model Rosa
Model Rosa: flowing curves and sparkles of silver will enhance your kitchen elegance

GM Granite sink model Como 10A
There is no better way to feature practicality in your kitchen than by adding this modern Como compartment sink.
GM Granite sink model Como 10C
This is the "go to" option when you are looking for a statement of minimalist designer feel.
GM Granite sink model Zero
Maintain a luxurious look of your kitchen with this stylish contemporary granite sink.

Treat yourself to something exceptional. Become a designer of your own sink and let your kitchen stand out. Please inquire about this product if you would like to order it now.


860 x 500 x 210 mm
Weight – 15kg

  • Single Bowl with drainer
  • Pop-Up or regular waste
  • Silver ions providing Anti-microbial protection against mould and bacteria
  • 80% German granite
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Singular composition technology (moulded 1 piece)
  • Odour free & Hygienic
  • Heat resistant
  • Non-porous
  • Low carbon product
Colours available: